You have the right to file an appeal if your benefit claim is denied. Reasons for an initial finding of ineligibility may result from: voluntarily quitting (with exceptions defined by state law), fired for misconduct, insufficient earnings (for example, your employer incorrectly reported your earnings) , or not having worked during the base period (the base period is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters before you filed your claim). 

Once your claim has been granted, you can be denied benefits later for not meeting the ongoing requirements, such as turning down suitable work, or not reporting earnings received while collecting unemployment benefits. The following resources provide more detail on what happens during the appeals process:

  • File an Appeal - Click to file an appeal based on a determination issued.

  • Rules for Appeals and Employment Security Law - Louisiana Workforce Commission document on rules for appealed claims.

    Customarily, appeals are initially reviewed within 7-10 days after filing, with hearings scheduled to be held within 30-45 days after an appeal has been filed. Unfortunately, due to the current volume of appeals, appeals may not be scheduled to be heard within our customary 45 days. The LWC apologizes for the delay and is working to schedule hearings as soon as possible. All appeal rights are preserved and no adverse action will be taken until the appeal is heard.

    Please note: A request for an appeal can be withdrawn if the issue at the root of the appeal has been resolved. The person who filed the appeal can withdraw their appeal request via HiRE or by email at, stating you no longer wish to pursue your appeal.